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Re: Need help with RC-50

> Thats what annoyed me about it so much because you can never
> keep your stuff in sync with other players, they have to be in perfect
> time with YOUR looping (you can retrigger, but that will just drift
> right off again if they aren't the same tempo), it makes jamming kind
> of un-democratic.

I have tried many different things in bands regarding syncing midi 
equipment such as delays, samplers, sequencers and loopers with the rest 
of the band. If you want to use the live looping techniques, retriggering 
loops or using tempo sync is not an option.

Although most drummers don't like following a click track, imo it's still 
the best option. Make sure everyone can hear the loops well on stage, 
especially the drummer and bassist. I would also recommend to use a 
distinctive sound synced to the loops as a click track.

I used the rc-50 as follows:
- Phrase 1 => drum beat / click track
- Phrase 2 => live looping
- Phrase 3 => live looping including a feedback loop

Another option is to find a new drummer ;)


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