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FS: Presonus Firebox

This is really a great audio interface. I've owned it for several years 
I've transferred numerous albums to my computer through it. It really 
well. I'm including the power supply, the 4 CDs that came with it, the 
pigtail, and the Firebox itself.

The CDs are:

1. the driver disk
2. Cubase LE
3. Acid xmc
3 Presonus Propak software suite

The interface is capable of 96 ksps recording although I only used the 
ksps recording mode since I was looking for CD compatible sound.

Interfaces on the Firebox:

- 2 instrument/microphone inputs
- 2 mono line inputs (or 1 stereo line input)
- 6 line outputs (or 3 stereo output pairs)
- MIDI in/out
- S/PIDF in and out
- Headphone output

I'm looking for $175 shipped in the US.