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Re: OT: True Sound Morphing

Interesting Per...

I have always been interested in morphing, indeed twas the reason I bought a Vortex, which sadly does not morph sounds, only parameters...

But has this not been done in the computer realm? (genuine question). I use morphing alot in the visual realm, and its not too hard to see what is happening. But can we see how we could relate that to the audio realm?

Visually,  a morph is merely a crossfade, from one image to another. However, before one performs the morph, one must define points on one image, and decide where on the second image those points should move to. For a Male to female face morph, the choices are simple.

however... How would one analogise a STILL PICTURE into a moving sound? So lets look at a movie morph, how does that work...? Well the same way, however the points defined at the start of the morph, may be animated during the moving morph, usually by "keyframing" untill the new postition in the second image is reached.

This is more analogeous to music, but wait... music doesnt have frames does it? a one second film morph is only 24 or 5 places to animate.

So musically, would it be possible to morph one frequency into another? For example, if we divided the frequency spectrum into... 5 sections (Bass, Low mid; Mid; Upper Mid, Treble) analogeous with the "points" visually... and within these frequency bands analalysed, frequency pitch.... NOPE...Thinking aloud here... Im not thinking this would work...

Any Ideas anyone....


On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
Sometimes we fade out a loop while fading in another loop and call it
"morphing". But that really isn't true morphing. I can tell now
because I just experienced what true morphing is!

I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming about hearing these two
masculine voices singing a beautiful duet in a high pitched liturgy
style. Two counterpoint lines crawling around each other like playful
snakes. It sounded awesome - but soon it started to be interesting in
a way I have never heard before and unfortunately can't describe. It
must be heard. What happened was that these two melody lines and their
voices gradually changed into something else. Something completely
different - and utterly ugly!

I experienced the process of morphing as about ten seconds and luckily
the dream was lucid, meaning I knew I was dreaming and thinking "now,
this is just a really cool dream". I did the mistake to look around
too eagerly, since I wanted to see what kind of church like room
produced the ambiance to the duet, and that
looking-around-in-the-dream got me starting to wake up. While I
noticed that my body was starting the waking-up sequence I went back
to concentrate fully on just those two singing voices.  The continuous
change they went through - as my body woke up - was a totally a mind
blowing effect I had never heard before. It was not the sound
morphing, nor the volume level morphing and it wasn't in the melodies
morphing either. It was like the music itself was changing without
taking anything away or adding something new - it just morphed. I
could hear the total transformation of the two beautifully singing
voices into becoming two sore voices of two male teens shouting to
each other at the school yard outside my window! And I just couldn't
believe that ugly noise had been furnished into such beautiful and
intricate music ten seconds before by my sleeping brain. It's funny to
know that the morphing process I heard would not be physically
possible to produce as sound/music. But still I did hear it.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen