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Re: OT: True Sound Morphing

mark francombe wrote:
> Interesting Per...
> I have always been interested in morphing, indeed twas the reason I 
> bought a Vortex, which sadly does not morph sounds, only parameters...

It does more than that, it morphs from one algorithm to another.
It's possible to capture a sound, and morph it to something different,
although it takes a bit of RTM, and doesn't achieve what we're aiming for 

> But has this not been done in the computer realm? 

I think Kyma is/was capable of morphing one sustained sound into another.
I'm sure I heard it on a TV ad a few years back, but as one end
of the morph was a synth it wasn't impressive.

> This is more analogeous to music, but wait... music doesnt have frames 
> does it? a one second film morph is only 24 or 5 places to animate.

It does if you take FFT (Fourier Transform).

> So musically, would it be possible to morph one frequency into another? 
> For example, if we divided the frequency spectrum into... 5 sections 
> (Bass, Low mid; Mid; Upper Mid, Treble) analogeous with the "points" 
> visually... and within these frequency bands analalysed, frequency 
> pitch.... NOPE...Thinking aloud here... Im not thinking this would 

It could work with a sustained tone of one instrument morphing into that 
of another
that was playing the same note.

I bet it's possible with digital editing to gradually transform one sound 
another, but the problem is deciding what ought to happen in the middle.