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Re: WAY FUCKING OT: apology about getting my facts wrong.

What Google DID do in China, however, was agree to censor their search 
results to be in line with official government policy. So people searching 
for info on, say, any topic that the government doesn't want the people 
knowning about do not show up in Google results if you search from within 

While not as bad as giving up dissidents, they're definitely in bed with 
Big Brother. FWIW.


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Mech wrote:
"Aw, darn it Rick.  I hate to be an anorak -- well, at least in this 
particular case -- because I somewhat dislike the Google guys too. They 
really can be arrogant pr*cks. However, in the interest of accuracy in 
reporting: that was Yahoo! (not Google) that gave up the dissident 
journalist's IP addresses."