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Hey Per,  and everyone else on this list,

I need to seriously cut down on my travelling weight for my upcoming
tours in Europe this coming summer.

If I were to use my MacBook Pro (using either OSX or WIN XP)
as a mixing board and effects processor (using my hardware Looperlative 
as a live looper
with one Mic input and one Line input)......

What system would you suggest that would be the easiest way for me
to incorporate my LP-1,  Berhringer (or hopefully smaller, midi 
footpedal if I can find one)
and use the computers as a large EFFECTS box to reduce weight in my 
upcoming European tour?

I love processing and am in love with my current configuration of  stomp 
boxes but they are just too
heavy to be flying around Europe with it's excess baggage policies.
I also have amassed a  huge VST collection, 

Would you guys please recommend to me a setup (either Mac or Win)
that would have

1) the simplest set up
2) the easiest learning curve
3)  the ability to use VST plugins in any chain I'd like to
    a)  be in front of my LP-1 and
    b)  be after my LP-1
4)  the least amount of price for the software as well (money is a factor)

I will have a Mackie ONYX  Sattelite system to get sound in and out of 
the computer, by the way.