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rackmount midi sequencer

howdy ya'll -
im curious if a product like this exists - i see the functionality im looking for in drum machines.... but i just want a bare bones midi sequencer-

basically i want my e-drums to go into the midi sequencer and record the pattern i play... then loop it untill it gets recorded by my looping software...all the while outputting the midi data to my sound module for drum tones...

i would also have to be able to send it midi messages from my foot controller to start/stop midi recording...

basically...im a shitty drummer... and since i loop to a click.... im looking for a way to quantize the drum parts i play to that click

the korg M3 is a powerful sound module with a midi seequencer built in... but the tech guys werent positive i could control it in such a manner-

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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