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RE: basic Bidule question

Michael, I use the Audio Switcher pretty much as per has described it,
and I also use the MIDI Switcher. One thing to take note of with Bidule
is that you can take just about any kind of incoming MIDI message and
remap it to just about any other kind - channels, message type, CC
number - and of course you can chain these together. I use a Peavy 1600,
by now an ancient controller. It is hard to imagine you can't get the
Nano to do what you want it to do.

Hal Dean

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> Personally I prefer another concept though, which is to use the Bidule
object called "Audio Switcher"

in my case, the Midi Switcher seems more like what I need - I have one
input signal (from a midified guitar) that goes to 4 different vst
instruments, but of course I don't want all of them at once. The midi
switcher seems to always switch on one of them, switching the others

I was not successful so far programming the Nanokontrol buttons for that
though ... they produce an on signal when pressed and an off signal when
released, so they don't work as a toggle but as a momentary switch ...
they can be reprogrammed with the Korg software which I haven't looked