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Re: Help with mixer-interface-laptop setup


Thanks for the feedback.
I took your advice and went through piece by piece.
The Edirol has some really small switches on the back to disable
monitoring,and I had flipped the wrong one. So I was still hearing both
Working great now.

Thanks again,


On Wed, April 1, 2009 12:51 pm, Rainer Straschill wrote:
> Andre,
> from your description it's hard to judge your problem properly, so I try:
> You have your signal source (whichever) connected to some input of
> your mixer. Some output of your mixer goes to your audio interface,
> and the interfaces goes back into your mixer. Then the mixer goes to
> some kind of PA/headphones/whatever.
> When you play your source signal into the mixer, you hear it through
> your PA and also some kind of slapback version of it (not phaser-kind,
> more like a slapback).
> It's most probable that your interface or your computer software sends
> your source signal back to the mixer. To try that, why don't you
> connect your source signal to your audio interface, the interface to
> the PA and see if you can hear the originall source signal. If that is
> the case, then the interface is the problem.
> Some more throughout description of your setup (what is patched into
> what, what software are you using etc.) could also help.
> Best,
>           Rainer

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