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Re: OT: subwoofer?

The Thunderbolt kicks serious butt if you want that Pagey tone.  Made by Valco - my most favored amp maker of all times.  They made the Magnatone (213) that I love so much.   If you're seriously interested in this amp, you should write Terry Dobbs - the reigning expert on these amps.  I think he might have a Silvertone version of the same amp for sale for much less.  And I guarantee it will sound at least as good as a Thunderbolt.  Here's his email address.  Check out his site www.valcoamp.com

Great guy.  A master of amp restoration and... affordable! And he can authoritatively answer all questions Valco/Supro/Magnatone etc. 

To all:
Sorry to have been out to lunch.  Producing second record for Hayley for Universal Music now.  Studio experiencing huge upheavals, upgrades, eyeballs blazing from too many manuals, hair gone curly from leaking molten grey matter.  Recorded bass and drums in Seattle at Jason from Deathcab for Cutie's studio.  Played their spooky upright piano.  Cool.  

Loads of new fancy toys here.  The Leaning Tower of Visa is casting a long shadow these days!!!   

Walking the highwire!  Having a blast.

Miss reading all the good stuff here.  Will check in occasionally.

your devotee

On Mar 28, 2009, at 5:23 PM, scott hansen wrote:

just a followup-
i was looking through my last vintage guitar magazine, and there was an article on
supro amps, supposedly the amp jimmy page used on 1st led zep album was a
model S6420 Thunderbolt bass amp-35 watts, 15" speaker, volume & tone knob.
i was of course looking on-line at other sources and there seems to be a lot of debate
on this, different supro amp possibly used, etc or some other similar variation....
so, i'm no expert on zep sound, but it sounds like an interesting amp...
for me a 10 watt amp w/ a 15" speaker sounds good and interesting for my uses....
oh well...
ps-i'm not sure if the page supro counts as cheap, the listings say it can range from 800-1300$ depending on things...