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RE: Las Vegas International Live Looping Festival

Kris wrote:
"A guy can dream that some day there will be a plethera of wealthy 
patrons of the looping and avant-garde music arts. :)  Believe me, if I 
were indepedentally wealthy, I would not hestitate a minute to do 
something like this at least once a year.  I'd be flying you all in 
first class and putting you up in 5 star hotels. I've love to do that."

Geez,  Kris,  you practically do this already with all your heroic 
attempts to get granting and funding for your beautiful
festival of Experimental and Improvisation Music in Boise, 
annually......................I think of you as one of the selfless 
heroes in this
kind of music.......................you and the Matt Davignons and 
others who have worked so hard to present new music and live looping