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Re: Las Vegas International Live Looping Festival

You are too kind, Rick. I just with I could do more. It is frustrating.   
really want to make a difference and generate more appreciation for the 
avant-garde and experimental music arts, and give artists more 
and credit, but at times I feel as if I were Sisyphus pushing his rock up 
the hill constantly.  The demand for this type of art is miniscule, and 
promoting it is like planning a goat rodeo.  :)  But in the end, I am very 
grateful to be able to get such fine musicians here in Boise, Idaho.


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> Kris wrote:
> "A guy can dream that some day there will be a plethera of wealthy 
> of the looping and avant-garde music arts. :)  Believe me, if I were 
> indepedentally wealthy, I would not hestitate a minute to do something 
> like this at least once a year.  I'd be flying you all in first class 
> putting you up in 5 star hotels. I've love to do that."
> Geez,  Kris,  you practically do this already with all your heroic 
> attempts to get granting and funding for your beautiful
> festival of Experimental and Improvisation Music in Boise, 
> annually......................I think of you as one of the selfless 
> in this
> kind of music.......................you and the Matt Davignons and 
> who have worked so hard to present new music and live looping
> music.