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Live 8 warping and sound quality impressions

I've been messing around with live 8 today, and overall I'm pretty
happy with the updates. I have yet to try out the looper, but right
now im trying all the new warping engine features to see how it will
work in a live dj situation.

So far, I've actually been having a hard time getting the same audio
quality as I get in live 7 with warped tracks. A few vocal heavy
tracks made the vocals sound absolutely awful with the default
settings. I tried them in live 7 and they sounded way better. Has
anyone else had this experience?

Additionally, what do people think of the new way of using warp
markers? Do you think Live's transient analysis and warping based on
that is significantly better than the use of warp markers?

I'm particularly interested in hearing everyone's opinion on the last
questions, as warping is a very important feature for me. I'll be
trying out the looper later and reading everyone's impressions of that
in another thread.