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Re: Live 8 warping and sound quality impressions

Sorry, i feel foolish. the audio quality issues were due to transient
mode being awful for full songs and live 7 only sounded better due to
the 16th transient assumption working out well in most electronica
tracks. complex pro sounds a bit better than live 7's complex in my
tests, which is great.

still wondering what people think about the new warping though.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 8:22 PM, Nick <ParadoxQuine@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been messing around with live 8 today, and overall I'm pretty
> happy with the updates. I have yet to try out the looper, but right
> now im trying all the new warping engine features to see how it will
> work in a live dj situation.
> So far, I've actually been having a hard time getting the same audio
> quality as I get in live 7 with warped tracks. A few vocal heavy
> tracks made the vocals sound absolutely awful with the default
> settings. I tried them in live 7 and they sounded way better. Has
> anyone else had this experience?
> Additionally, what do people think of the new way of using warp
> markers? Do you think Live's transient analysis and warping based on
> that is significantly better than the use of warp markers?
> I'm particularly interested in hearing everyone's opinion on the last
> questions, as warping is a very important feature for me. I'll be
> trying out the looper later and reading everyone's impressions of that
> in another thread.
> Thanks,
> Nick