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Re: Live 8 is out

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Matt Stevens
<mattstevensguitar@btinternet.com> wrote:
> Can it change time signature mid song???

Good question! I did not know so I checked the Live 8 manual and it says:

"Live's time signature can be changed at any point in the Arrangement
by using time signature

"In many ways, time signature markers look and function like locators;
they can be moved with
the mouse or with your computer keyboard's arrow keys, and their value
can be changed
using the Edit menu's Edit Value command (or with the Ctrl R (PC) / R (Mac)
shortcut). They can be also be deleted using the or Delete key, or via 
commands in the Edit and Create menus. "

However, it seems all this applies to the arrange view and I guess
most loopists prefer running Live by the mixer view. But as long as
you are only looping - i.e. not using any full bar length audio or
midi clips in Live - you can always change to any time signature by
adjusting your looper's resolution on-the-fly. I use Mobius and it
draws on the EDP context with "8ths Per Cycle". So If loop want to
start looping in 5/4 I siimply set that value to 10 (as an eight note
resolution for quantized loop manipulation). When I play in 7/8 I use
to set it to 14 etc etc. They I always have a quick-button for
swapping Mobius resolution to a way shorter value for more granular
resolution (like 64 for 4/4, 56 for 7/8 etc etc)

--> Bottom line:
If you stick with Live's Looper plug-in you may change to any odd time
signature by adjusting the quantize value (either globally or in
Looper). Your favorite quantize values can be mapped to a MIDI button
hand pad on the side. If you want "real canned drum beats" to go with
your looping you can use Stylus RMX 1.7 and assign the same MIDI
button hand pad to the relating time signatures (as we know, version
1.7 can instantly re-mould any loop into a specified time signature -
odd, odder or not at all odd)