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Re: OT That 'sizzle sound' of Mp3s

Art Simon schrieb:
> I'm curious, is the "sizzle" introduced by mp3 encoding similar to the
> "bitcrushing" the bitrman effect uses?

This reminds me on the anecdote where the king asks his "scientists" why 
  does throwing a dead fish into a full glass makes it overflow, but if 
you throw a living fish into it it doesn't?
They came up with 20 different theories explaining it, and not a single 
one did the test...

I never ever heard a sizzle in mp3's, and I know nobody who does. 
(assuming we are not talking about 64mbit/sec mp3s...)

What is he talking about? I tried to find original works of Mr. Berger 
about his research, and couldn't find anything but these claims in 
different "news" sites. (Never trust statistics you didn't fake yourself).

My own tests revealed, I don't hear a difference on good headphones 
between original and a 192kb mp3 for "normal music". As far as I know 
the usual double blind tests reveal the same even for expert listeners, 
they might need maybe 256 kB. I bet my ears are bad, but I don't care...;-)
Hearing a sizzle should be prominent I guess.
Of course if you subtract the compressed sound from the original, you 
might hear a sizzle, but that's exactly that part of the sound which 
gets masked, and which is actually missing in the compressed sound...


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