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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

He, he... I flew in feeling like a precious Early Bird but got washed
out like a Guinea Pig! ;-))

I just noticed this bug and wonder if anyone else have noticed? When
recording a live input into the Looper plug-in, as Overdub, the
overdubbing is stopped as soon as I start an empty "dummy" audio clip
with clip envelopes to model Looper's parameter Speed.

Second, I noticed that Live 8.0.1 ALWAYS crashes if opening the MIDI
Map Mode window and mapping a MIDI Note to Looper's parameter Speed
and setting the range to "Min 0, Max 0". The idea here is of course to
set another MIDI note to match the next pitch in the scale - and so on
for each half note step (gosh, wish it could also follow MIDI Notes!)

The bottom line is that the two most immediate ways of playing the
loop tonally from external MIDI is out of order. Wondering how that
could pass the beta program...

The best way to loop in Live 8 seems to use Looper as a silent dummy
in order to secure a stable tempo pick-up, and then duplicate the same
external MIDI events used for Looper to target also a good third-party
looping plug-in as Mobius or Augustus Loop.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen