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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

At 6:03 PM +0200 4/3/09, Per Boysen wrote:
>I just noticed this bug and wonder if anyone else have noticed? When
>recording a live input into the Looper plug-in, as Overdub, the
>overdubbing is stopped as soon as I start an empty "dummy" audio clip
>with clip envelopes to model Looper's parameter Speed.


Tried most of the day, but I can't replicate this bug.  :(

I've used both a dummy audio clip with clip envelopes as well with an 
empty MIDI clip sending CC information around through the IAC bus. 
Both worked without a hitch; Overdub never flinched.  I was 
auto-wobbling the Speed parameter back and forth like crazy.  Sounded 
like a reel-to-reel tape machine throwing up....

No idea what I might be doing differently, or why it should work for 
my computer and not yours.  I'm on a black Macbook, 2.0G Intel 
Core2Duo, 2G RAM.

>Second, I noticed that Live 8.0.1 ALWAYS crashes if opening the MIDI
>Map Mode window and mapping a MIDI Note to Looper's parameter Speed
>and setting the range to "Min 0, Max 0".

This one I confirmed immediately.  Set the range to "Min 0, Max 0" 
and -- *bam* -- Live evaporated, exactly like you described.  Sending 
in a bug report and logs to Ableton now.

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