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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 6:10 PM, rick miller <bs@tanawana.com> wrote:
> Sounds like you had a later go at the beta and may have an opinion on my
> questions perhaps -

I'm talking about the release version. The beta cycle has ended now.

> Did they allow more than one overdub undo at latest check??

The release version does not. The same virtual button is used for
alternating between Undo and Redo. The Undo button erases everything
that you've overdubbed since the last time Overdub was enabled. Your
original recording, and anything that was overdubbed in a previous
is preserved.

> Also, with my echoplex I like to use NEXT LOOP and MULTIPLY to copy a 
> from loop1 to loop 2 alot and add onto it then in one go.
> I couldn't come up with a way to do this easily in the beta version 
> :O(

Well, in order to do that in software you should use Mobius.

First, Live 8 Looper doesn't have any Multiply, as understood in the
EDP context. Looper has a function though that multiplies or devides
the loop length by two. When multiplying the audio content is
duplicated. Second, Looper can not cue up loops like we do on the EDP.
> I did notice as per your questions that each beta version had weird 
> bugs that would come and go.
> I'm hopeful with fingers crossed the actual real version addresses all
> these. Got me wondering before an upgrade.