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Rainer's Rig

Hey Rainer is that a Fireworx I see stashed in you rack? I seem to recall you saying it was disappointing to you. So far I have been very impressed with the one I got used. I understand it doesn’t have limitless processing power, but for an 11 year old processor (yep, that’s right, it was launched in 1998), its got some pretty spectacular sounds, and I love how it responds to midi clock and how many parameters I can control with continuous controllers or the envelope or pitch of my input signal. I’ve barely scratched the surface with how I might use finger dynamics to control things like stereo panning, or delay depth  or swell of a white or pink noise generator, for that matter. I’m spending time again on sound design, but I’m not so much interested in piling on a bunch of effects, but using them in a more dynamic way using the onboard expression pedal port to control several different parameter functions at once.  Has anyone who owns this unit or has owned it delved in to the use of ADSR’s to control functionality? I’m a bit fuzzy on how I’d use that. Or point me to a preset you know uses this functionality, so I can examine the presets components, The manual for this thing is not exactly forthcoming with a fountain of descriptive information. Clever preset titles don’t really give any indication what the preset is about.