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Fwd: Earthquake Shout-out!

This is to let you that all is well in Rome. Just a big fear.
Not the same in L'Aquila where hundreds of people died or are homeless...
Thanks for your interest by the top of my heart.


Il giorno 07/apr/09, alle ore 00:36, Mike Crain <mike@mikecrain.com> ha scritto:

Hey Fabio!

Just hoping you and your loved ones are okay. I heard about the tragic earthquake today on NPR (national public radio) and thought about you.

I hope this email finds you well!

Mike Crain
Sacramento, CA 95818

"Not only will the harmonic possibilities of the overtones be revealed
in all their splendor, but the use of certain interferences created by the
partials will represent an appreciable contribution."  
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