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To: Cc: Reply All And Filters

labaloops@yahoo.com wrote:
> ok my bad i havent read the manual
> But yes there are companies that require to use their own cable only
> Trance Audio being one of them!
This message was not picked up by my email filter and therefore wasn't 
routed to my Loopers Delight folder.  So I checked my LD Filter.  If the 
string "loopers-delight.com" appears in either the To: or Reply-To: 
headers, then the messages gets routed to my LD folder.  However, Luis's 
message was To: Bill Walker and Cc: 
loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com.  That explains why my filter didn't 
pick up this message and route it to the desired folder.  I suppose that 
I could add to my filter to also look for "loopers-delight.com" in the 
Cc: header.  Unfortunately, if another list that I subscribe to is in 
the To: or Cc: field and isn't processed before my LD filter runs, 
(filters can only be run in order), then a message for LD or for some 
other list will get routed to the wrong folder depending upon filter order.

For the Yahoogroup lists where I have subscribed and where many of you 
also belong, the Subject: header contains [list name], i.e. the list 
name (or some other identifying phrase) in square brackets.  If I sort 
on that and that alone, I usually don't run into too many problems with 
messages being routed to the wrong folder.  With many of us on the same 
lists, this is a real possibility when someone posts to multiple lists.

1.  What is the possibility of having the listserve add [LD] to the 
subject of all messages before sending them out?  Replies that already 
contain the [LD] string of characters wouldn't need it added in yet 
again so a smart procedure would be required.
2.  What do some of you other members do when your filters route your LD 
messages to the wrong folder or route non-LD messages to your LD folder?