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Re: good cheap all round mic

Thanks Tony and all, well I went to "da sto' for instant gratification and 
got a Xenyx 802 mixer for putting my 3 axes and a mic through effects and 
loopers. Works well. It has phantom power for the new Behringer B-1 
condenser mic I got. The mic works great I was looping all kind o' stuff! 
have been wanting to do this kind of thing for awhile but after seeing Jim 
Goodins video of him during our dueling (lol) oud Ninjam session going 
various instruments and percussion items into his 2880 I just had to make 
move. Don't tell Jim I want to suprise him ; -) on our next jam tonight.

peace out,


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Subject: RE: good cheap all round mic

> As far as inexpensive goes, I'm partial to the Octava MC012 mics.  I 
> a
> Marshall 990 that sounds great.
> Tony
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> Subject: good cheap all round mic
> I am going to buy a mic tomorrow and I need it to be 100$ or less. I am
> going to use it for looping percussion, found sounds, you know anything 
> that
> might sound interesting run through fx and loops. There are so many list 
> at
> MF I just don't know where to start.I am not looking for perfection just 
> ok.
> Any general/specific ideas?
> thanks,
> jeff