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Re: OT That 'sizzle sound' of Mp3s

andy butler schrieb:
> It's a good test, but doesn't show up the limitations at all.
> (dunnow, maybe in a better listening environment, there certainly were a
>  few artefacts revealed when mixing out of phase with the original)
> Next I tried with white noise,
> and the metallic sizzle appeared like magic.

both are bad tests, the sine sweep has almost no information, easy to 
compress even with low bit rates, the white noise would expectantly fail 
with a constant bit rate, as there is nothing to cut out without loosing 
information. Did you try the white noise with vbr and looked at the 
compression rate? Anyway, it shows that the results are very dependent 
on the material. All noise artists I know hate mp3's for a reason. It 
should be perfect for classical guitar.

My complain about that test was, that there is no information about any 
of the important details. What kind of music, which bit rates, how 
compared to what originals on which speakers/headphones. It seems a test 
aimed at self full filling prophecies. Anything which could hurt the 
claim is avoided. That is the opposite of science...


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