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Re: OT That 'sizzle sound' of Mp3s

Stefan Tiedje wrote:
> andy butler schrieb:
>> It's a good test, but doesn't show up the limitations at all.
>> (dunnow, maybe in a better listening environment, there certainly were a
>>  few artefacts revealed when mixing out of phase with the original)
>> Next I tried with white noise,
>> and the metallic sizzle appeared like magic.
> both are bad tests, the sine sweep has almost no information, easy to 
> compress even with low bit rates, the white noise would expectantly fail 
> with a constant bit rate, as there is nothing to cut out without loosing 
> information.

Both tests give very informative results.

> Did you try the white noise with vbr and looked at the 
> compression rate? 


>Anyway, it shows that the results are very dependent 
> on the material.

yes, that's why the 2 signals make a good test.

> All noise artists I know hate mp3's for a reason. It 
> should be perfect for classical guitar.

well, don't use it on my guitar thanks ;-)
afaik classical guitar is often recorded in a nice natural
acoustic, so there's lot's of details for compression to lose.

> My complain about that test was, that there is no information about any 
> of the important details. What kind of music, which bit rates, how 
> compared to what originals on which speakers/headphones. It seems a test 
> aimed at self full filling prophecies. Anything which could hurt the 
> claim is avoided. That is the opposite of science...

the journalists can't be trusted either


> Stefan