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Re: Quick looping impro recorded on the fly....

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 3:48 PM, Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:
> Nice pitchShifter effect Per. Is that a Mainstage plugin?

Yes. "PitchShifter II" has been part of Logic for ages. So now it's in
Mainstage. People that produce clean recordings tend to not like it
because of its crappy fidelity but I think it works fine in an effect
chain going: "PitchShifter II, Compressor, Amp Sim". The MIDI
expression pedal is assigned to three parameters: (1) Pitch, (2) Mix
of dry and wet PitchShifter II (so I only get 15% pitched sound added
to the dry guitar sound when pitching it down one octave and 100%
pitched sound, with no dry guitar sound, at the top where it goes up
one octave), (3) a send knob to a bus with a cool stereo delay
(opening the effect send as pitch goes higher, in order to not create
any delay effect as I do the low octave metal notes).

Warren Sirota:
> enjoyed it - especially liked that scraping percussion thingie.

Yep, me too :-)   That's the PitchShifter II jumping in half-note
steps whammy bar bent harmonics. The "between" pitch area where both
direct signal and wet pitch signal are heard is clashing fine in the
Amp Sim distortion at close intervals. I love this non-harmonic sound,
first heard (by me) in really early Chick Corea recordings where he
runs a Fender Rhodes through a distorting guitar stack. The half-note
stepping of the Pitch-Shifter II give a sort of Miles Davis vibe that
I also like a lot. It's funny; you pick just one harmonic on the
guitar and keep moving your foot a couple of millimeters on the pedal
while detuning the string a few cents with the whammy bar. Very
delicate playing, almost physically non-detectable ;-))