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Re: Quick looping impro recorded on the fly....

> Warren Sirota:
>> enjoyed it - especially liked that scraping percussion thingie.

mark francombe
> Me too, what IS that Per?

> Yep, me too :-)   That's the PitchShifter

Eh,,, maybe you guys are talking about the
down-tuned-guitar-through-amp-sim scrape that is part of the first
loop I made (that I then multiplied while layering the wha-wha
chords). What you hear is the guitar with 15% one octave down
PitchShifter II through the Amp Sim plug-in. And the scraping sound
comes from me playing two strings at the same time with the dist. Dist
really comes out in a beautiful way when tuning down guitars. This
sound is sort of metal style; lots of base and not so much mid and
just enough of treble. The guitar pick-up is also important, the
DiMarzio Dual Sound and I do not use it in its high output option but
rather with the coils in parallel; hence the scraping attack when
palm-muting the string with the right hand. This pickup is a bit
similar to a Fender Jazzmaster's sound but since this guitar is an old
Casio MG510 it has more of a Gibson SG body resonance to it (although
that Casio model was a Strat copy, don't ask me why it sounds