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Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

All my guitars have either a D or C low string and my experience has  
been the same as yours, the string length needs to be almost 1/4 inch  
longer to get the intonation right on! what a pain!!!

Paulin Ontario

Quoting Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>:

> I had my daily share of frustration today when fine tuning the string
> length intonation on my fretted drop-B guitar. With the thicker
> strings it seems the stings need to be just a little bit longer. Five
> strings are good now, but for the G string (or D as this instrument is
> tuned) the mounting of the stratocaster style bridge/tailpiece/whammy
> does not allow the sting length needed for correct intonation. What a
> disaster! I need to look for a smaller string slider block (or
> whatever you call them...) to get the extra need millimeter string
> length. Boy, do I enjoy the sweet relief of plugging in my fretless
> for while after two hours of desperate intonation work!
> Is this "a known fact" that thicker strings need to be longer? The
> action and string pull is the same as before - but the intonation is
> just a different universe compare to the previous normal tuning.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se
> www.perboysen.com