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Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

Per wrote:

> Hi Douglas,
> I'm using (low to high) 056, 044, 032, 024 (plain), 016, 012. And I'm
> very happy with these strings. Just need to give the G-string one more
> millimeter of length by replacing its tailpiece with a smaller one.
> But it works fairly well in tune now, just some cents off.

Tuned B-E-A-D-F#-B, or thereabouts? Yeah, the .024 plain tuned to D is 
be a floppity-mushy pain. It's at the limit of what can be done with a 
string on a 25-1/2" scale. You probably want to bend it, so a wound string 
(an .021 or .022 wound would work) may not be an option. I know your 
musicianship and skill, so you're probably playing with an excellent touch 
and not pulling these strings out of tune with poor technique. If you 
like the FEEL of these gauges, man, you're just gonna have to physically 
modify the bridge saddle.