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Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

cmon guys, you should definitely go OT an all guitar related topics, 
thanx - tilmann

Ian Petersen schrieb:
> Per,
>     With the thicker
>     strings it seems the stings need to be just a little bit longer. Five
>     strings are good now, but for the G string (or D as this instrument 
>     tuned) the mounting of the stratocaster style bridge/tailpiece/whammy
>     does not allow the sting length needed for correct intonation.
> Try installing an Earvana style nut instead. That should help with 
> getting the g-string intonation right. An Earvana nut generally smooths 
> out  (shortens) the bridge intonation lengths a bit a give much sweeter 
> chords all up the neck. Worth doing on any guitar IMO.
> Ian