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Re: OT Re: Phiew.... guitar intonation - hard work!

Ian Petersen wrote:
> I know the Earvana nut is all wrong *in theory*. But in practice - on 
> real guitars - it works just fine! 
> Just moving a standard nut a millimetre or so closer to the first fret 
> achieves much the same effect. Many high-end (esp. acoustic) guitar 
> makers use that trick.
> Ian

Yup!  Actually, a well known luthier trick is installing a small piece 
of hard wood or bone under the G and b strings right in front of the nut 
to achieve kindof the same as using a compensated nut.
All that's needed is say half a millimetre on the b string and about one 
milimetre on the G string, depending on nut height and string gauges.
It'll make those two strings not sound sharp in certain chords.

van Sinn