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Re: Ustream again...

What i have been hearing especially from Matt is good quality audo. I want 
to do this also but am unsure what audio/ video setup to get. Matt, do you 
use the built in mic on a webcam for audio or what? Any tips would help. I 
am as usual on a tight budget! (yikes). Some webcams advertise quality 
sound. sony makes some and Logitech but I just don't know. It would be 
to use my regular line in for sound and the webcam for vid.

more coffee,


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I like the concept of Ustream. So I've watched both Matt's and Marc's gigs 
last week, it was great! I normally have my macbook connected to my "PA" 
have a godo audio quality but not in this case so I have been listening 
my laptop speakers. But what audio and video quality can we expect from 

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