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Re: using the EDP midi synced as slave

Please get that straight

I dont understand why you would use a _time_ reference where you need a 
Tempo and bar/beats/sub beats reference.

midi clock could be better and more stable if the bit rate would be 
brought to the today bandwidth standards but its non sense to use a 
standard (MTC) that is not intended for Tempo sync

Midi time clock is not Midi clock
Midi time clock just transmits where its at in the song in HH:MM:SS:FF 
(hour,minutes,seconds,frames) no tempo,bars, etc



Per Boysen a écrit :
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 10:56 AM, L.Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> So is there a chance the EDP would respond to those functions if i used 
>a sequencer > with better midi implementation?
> I guess "better midi implementation" means sending MTC. That's indeed
> better than MIDI Clock but I'm not sure the EDP supports it. Should't
> you be able to record any need MIDI in the sequencer to have it sent
> out into the EDP? Just noticed Andy's reply and hopefully Matthias
> will chime in.
> Per