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OT:killswitch design ideas

i wasn't sure if you were aware of DT's koll tornado, i'm sure there's pics of it online, his last profile in GP ('07?), had a nice gear blip about it:

"The Tornipulator-equipped Koll guitar has two additional 1/4" jacks,” details Torn, “the first of which functions as an input for incoming signals. The round thing is a microphone capsule and element from a Shaker dynamic microphone. The three buttons are very fast momentary switches, which are positioned so that when my right thumb is resting on the guitar directly above them, they can be “played” rhythmically with minimum effort.
“The upper switch toggles between the guitar’s pickup in the up position, and the microphone’s output in the down position. The middle switch toggles between the guitar’s pickup in the up position, and 60-cycle hum when the switch is down. The lower switch toggles between the guitar’s pickup and ‘off’—meaning there’s no signal present at the input jack—or whatever signal is present at the guitar’s input jack, such as an Indian tabla drum machine.
“These are truly toggle switches or ‘interrupters.’ The microphone output, 60-cycle hum, and external input signals are never mixed with the guitar signal—though they all are output via the guitar’s standard 1/4" output. The Koll guitars also have conductive copper pickguards that are wired to the second 1/4" output jack. The pickguards themselves function as simple Theremin-like controllers, outputting a voltage via secondary electronics, for further MIDI and voltage control of both effect processor and instruments.” "

other options-a few months ago there was an article in GP about putting a mini-KP kaoss pad on a guitar, and all the things you could do w/ it (techno-fun for all i think), but i'm not sure if it does volume/killswitch things (it might?)....w/ it being small, it's a nice non permanent option to the few yrs ago when a couple of guitarists had the 1st gen. kaoss pad directly installed in their guitars (was it Beck's guitarist at the time? can't remember)
oh well, other things to think of......