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Re: OT:killswitch design ideas

No, I wasn't aware of "The Tornipulator". Interesting to read that he
came to the same "playability ergonomics" solution that I have ended
up at. Many thanks for telling, Scott! I still have take on that last
step to build the thing ;-))

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 5:20 PM, scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i wasn't sure if you were aware of DT's koll tornado, i'm sure there's 
> of it online, his last profile in GP ('07?), had a nice gear blip about 
> "The Tornipulator-equipped Koll guitar has two additional 1/4" jacks,”
> details Torn, “the first of which functions as an input for incoming
> signals. The round thing is a microphone capsule and element from a 
> dynamic microphone. The three buttons are very fast momentary switches,
> which are positioned so that when my right thumb is resting on the guitar
> directly above them, they can be “played” rhythmically with minimum 
> “The upper switch toggles between the guitar’s pickup in the up 
> and the microphone’s output in the down position. The middle switch 
> between the guitar’s pickup in the up position, and 60-cycle hum when 
> switch is down. The lower switch toggles between the guitar’s pickup 
> ‘off’—meaning there’s no signal present at the input jack—or 
>whatever signal
> is present at the guitar’s input jack, such as an Indian tabla drum 
> “These are truly toggle switches or ‘interrupters.’ The microphone 
> 60-cycle hum, and external input signals are never mixed with the guitar
> signal—though they all are output via the guitar’s standard 1/4" 
>output. The
> Koll guitars also have conductive copper pickguards that are wired to the
> second 1/4" output jack. The pickguards themselves function as simple
> Theremin-like controllers, outputting a voltage via secondary 
> for further MIDI and voltage control of both effect processor and
> instruments.” "
> other options-a few months ago there was an article in GP about putting a
> mini-KP kaoss pad on a guitar, and all the things you could do w/ it
> (techno-fun for all i think), but i'm not sure if it does 
> things (it might?)....w/ it being small, it's a nice non permanent 
>option to
> the few yrs ago when a couple of guitarists had the 1st gen. kaoss pad
> directly installed in their guitars (was it Beck's guitarist at the time?
> can't remember)
> oh well, other things to think of......
> s---