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Re: lilypond.org

I love Lilypond!! :)
 and totally agree with Todd: Output is great, learning curve is steep, 
once you're used to it, it's easy.

Over time, I've learnt to appreciate text-based input (sort of like 
writing HTML code) and the incredible variety of notation. It is also the 
only software that can notate microtonal steps, like i.e. in turkish 
traditional music, AND play them as midi files.

I use it both on Mac & PC. Don't know about audio crashes on Mac, works 
fine with me (except a minor chord glitch).
Personally, I recommend using it with jEdit text editor (PC&Mac), makes it 
much more comfortable: 

You should definitely give Lilypond a try: http://lilypond.org/ !!

best regards

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