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Re: lilypond.org

You make a good point about the text file format as input to Lilypond.
 Over the years I've developed a healthy appreciation for plain text
formats.  They never go out of date, you never lose the application to
read them, you're not stuck with paying licensing fees for apps to
continue to use your document, etc...

I just wanted to chime in with a neat tip associated with text files:
revision control systems.  Us software engineers rely on revisioning
systems every day, but there's no reason these incredibly useful tools
should be restricted to programmers.  I've started using GIT for all
my documents after reading about how author Cory Doctorow uses it for
his books.  The neat thing is that Lilypond's plain text format would
make an ideal candidate for revision control.

Just a geeky tip.  Now back to your regularly scheduled looping...

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 3:34 AM, Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
> I love Lilypond!! :)
>  and totally agree with Todd: Output is great, learning curve is steep, 
>once you're used to it, it's easy.
> Over time, I've learnt to appreciate text-based input (sort of like 
>writing HTML code) and the incredible variety of notation. It is also the 
>only software that can notate microtonal steps, like i.e. in turkish 
>traditional music, AND play them as midi files.
> I use it both on Mac & PC. Don't know about audio crashes on Mac, works 
>fine with me (except a minor chord glitch).
> Personally, I recommend using it with jEdit text editor (PC&Mac), makes 
>it much more comfortable:
> http://www.jedit.org/
> http://lilypondtool.organum.hu/
> You should definitely give Lilypond a try: http://lilypond.org/ !!
> best regards
> Buzap
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