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Re: super-simple vst sample recorder?

Try Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth



2009/4/26 Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de>:
> I can't believe that I spent about 2 hours looking for this without 
> There are zillions of fancy vst effects and instruments out there for 
> but nothing like what I want. Any ideas where to look?
> I want a Windows VST sample recorder/player, not just a sample player but
> something very simple that can record live input audio and then on a 
> simply spread it across the keyboard to play with it polyphonically. I
> thought this is not too much to ask but apparently nobody needs something
> like this. It doesn't even have to be able to save the samples or load 
> or do anything fancy. Samplers like Kontakt are way too complex and big, 
> thought of something really basic and small (and free, of course). But I
> couldn't find anything.
> -Michael