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Re: lilypond.org

Todd Pafford schrieb:
> Now, the downside is the learning curve.  Ultimately, the input
> language is very powerful and pretty easy to use once you get used to
> it, but for a beginner it's a pain in the rear.

Its a purely technical language for typesetters. It lacks any user 
interface, at least what I'd call a user interface for notation.
Even installing it requires a lot of computer administration skills. Its 
not made for musicians... Just reading the install instructions let me 
put it away...
Maybe if it gets more spread, someone is willing to program a front end, 
which could compete with the old Overture from Opcode.
I mean the simplest user interface would be to feed it with a midi file 
and let it just print. Don't know if its capable of doing so. I can also 
imagine a LyX like application for typesetting music.
(LyX is a front end for TeX...)


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