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Re: Looperlative Questions

> Because the LP1 is just getting bigger and bigger... If I had one more child, I would sell it for medical research and buy one
> immediatlly... as it is I only have one son, and I'm rather attached to him...
I appreciate the kind words.  It has always been a goal with the LP1 to provide a product that can continue to grow.  New software upgrades were posted last week and this week to add features requested by Looperlative users.  I'm really happy that I designed the LP1 with the ability to download upgrades over the Internet.  I really think that providing free software upgrades is something that more manufacturers should consider.  I know it isn't possible on all devices, but certainly it is something that the higher end devices should offer.
Bob Amstadt
P.S. Great deal on LP1s right now if you are willing to preorder from the next batch of electronics.  $999 + shipping.