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Looperlative Questions

Hello fellow loopists,


I’ve been considering taking the plunge on an LP-1 and I wonder if someone with experience can answer a few questions?


I’m currently using DL-4 and an RC-20, which I consider to be stagnant loopers, so I’m looking forward to the controllable feedback in the LP.


If one uses an FCB-1010 floorboard with the LP-1, can a drum machine/sampler/sequencer be triggered on and off by programming one of the buttons on the floorboard? I know the two pedals onboard can be used as feedback control (0% to 100%) and volume control. Correct me if I’m wrong…


And can other MIDI devices be connected to work in conjunction with the drum machine and LP-1? Say, like my Lexicon MPX-110 and a Vortex, or any of the Eventide floor pedals like the ModFactor? Eclipse (rack mounted)?


Besides those questions, how difficult is the overall learning curve on the LP? I know some of you here have done quite well with it. I recall an article in Guitar Player said that he was up and running (perhaps with basic commands, rec, overdub, send, etc.) in a short time.


Oh, yeh one more thing…can the LP-1 be compared to the upcoming Boomerang III in any way? Ease of use? Programmability? Functions?


Anyway, thanks in advance for your answers…you can post them here or email me privately…




Ed in NJ