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Re: Looperlative Questions

Quoting ejyuhas <ejyuhas@embarqmail.com>:
> Besides those questions, how difficult is the overall learning curve on 
> LP? I know some of you here have done quite well with it. I recall an
> article in Guitar Player said that he was up and running (perhaps with 
> commands, rec, overdub, send, etc.) in a short time.
An afternoon with the Looperlative and the owner's manual is enough  
time to learn how to use the Looperlative.

It is important to read the owner's manual because the LP1 has useful  
functions that are not obvious.  (For example, to create a new (empty)  
loop that is the same length as the master track, one selects an  
unused channel and then issues a "Play/Stop" command.)

The LP1 is very flexible and highly programmable.  There are, quite  
literally, hundreds of ways that the tracks can be grouped and  
manipulated. Thus, one can experience a little bit of "option shock"   
(the same as when one uses any highly-flexible piece of hardware or  

My opinion of the LP1 is that, though it is easy to use for simple  
looping, one will not quickly outgrow it.  I've owned my LP1 for about  
1 1/2 years and I feel as though I've just scratched the surface.

Also, Bob's customer service is superb.

-- Kevin