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Re: MoinSound Studio Session - now online!

Haha, If I forget and leave the mic on with the computer speaks on at the 
same time all kind of craziness happens. this live stuff is way different 
than sitting here nooding for hours and the picking out the best for 
"release". It's been a long time...oh i guess i should say hey Daryl I 
practiced that for days to get it just right! lol


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> Jeff, thanks for playing. At one point there was some crazy simultaneous 
> low rumble with near-hypersonic whistles that was blowing my mind. It 
> most amusing to watch you come across the room and sit down to type too, 
> right in front of the camera. Keep us posted on the next show.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>> Thanks for watching Daryl and whoever the other was, I didn't get the 
>> word about time till the last second. Apologies for crapping out at the 
>> end there, This is pretty wild to play live like that. I started 
>> about what I should play and it all went to hell! Good for me to do 
>> Real show at some point to be announced. thanks to Rainer for inviting 
>> to co host his gig, we tested some yesterday but by the time i found 
>> button to join it was too late. You sounded great as usual Rainer good 
>> set! He is always on the cutting edge and I know collaberation is 
>> on this thing sooner or later.