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Re: Threshold recording and the loop oriented drum machine

Mark Hamburg wrote:
> Does anyone know of a drum machine (or the software equivalent) that 
> will allow one to dispense with setting tempo and length and instead let 
> one do the following:
> 1. Hit Record to prime the recording process
> 2. Actual recording begins when you first hit a pad/note
> 3. Hit record or overdub to end the loop
> Tempo can then be defined based on a fraction of the loop length 
> (possibly with some form of intelligent auto-detection).
> I've found that I can easily play a pattern and hit a button essentially 
> meaning repeat which effectively closes the loop. Everything else is 
> doable but takes more concentration on issues other than the general 
> flow of the pattern.
> I can do this with my EDP if I live with mono results that can't be 
> edited as MIDI data, but this seems like the sort of thing that ought to 
> be easy for a MIDI-based device to support. Are there any that do so? 

Not as far as I know.
Midi is rather fixed into the pre-defined tempo idea.

> Do 
> I need to build my own sequencer -- I've really been resisting writing 
> my own music software since I spend my days immersed in the software 
> industry.
> Mark

I reckon that's what you'd have to do.
Record midi commands at the resolution of audio samplerate.

Matthias and I talked about this, to see if it would be possible to
convert audio looping software to do that.
We soon worked out it wouldn't. It's no problem to record the midi commands
and play them back, but each note-On needs a corresponding Note-Off...and
as soon as they get separated, by editing the loop or even just by
closing a single loop you end up with problems.

Not that the problems aren't solvable, just that it's not practical
to convert an audio looper to do that.

A fresh approach would be needed, keeping those problems in mind
from the beginning.
If you wanted to take that on, I think there'd be some grateful people out 

andy butler