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Re: Threshold recording and the loop oriented drum machine

On Apr 26, 2009, at 4:29 AM, andy butler wrote:

> Matthias and I talked about this, to see if it would be possible to
> convert audio looping software to do that.
> We soon worked out it wouldn't. It's no problem to record the midi  
> commands
> and play them back, but each note-On needs a corresponding Note- 
> Off...and
> as soon as they get separated, by editing the loop or even just by
> closing a single loop you end up with problems.
> Not that the problems aren't solvable, just that it's not practical
> to convert an audio looper to do that.

I've recognized the note on/note off problems, but obviously drum  
machines manage to provide some definition for overdub recording. So,  
essentially I'm looking to combine the timing logic of an audio looper  
with the overdub behavior of a MIDI sequencer.