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Re: PrePrepared vs. Improvisational

Christo wrote:
"I did 2 CD-recordings recently with improvisational stuff,
looping on the fly. Now I try to re-produce/rehearse these tracks which is
quite exciting. Sometimes it sounds very similar to the existing tracks,
sometimes it sounds completely different."

Purportedly, the classical music composer Schoenberg said, 
"All composition is just very slow improvisation".

I always tell my students that because of this,  we can also consider
all improvisation to be very rapid composition.

I don't think all improvisation is very rapid composition but , personally,
I strive for that when I improvise myself.      The funny thing, for all 
the found
sound/experimental music I do,  I have always told journalists that I think
of myself as a pop artist.  The reason is that I really think in very, 
very simple
forms when I compose in real time (improvise).   I just think it sounds 
personally.     It's also really easy to lose an audience when one plays 
so freely
that form goes completely out the window.   Personally,  I've never enjoyed
purely free kinds of musics,  though I can appreciate them ,