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Re: PrePrepared vs. Improvisational

> Personally,  I've never enjoyed
> purely free kinds of musics,  though I can appreciate them , 

Here's the rub for me and maybe some of you as well?  I'm kind of in
agreement with Rick here on 'free' music and yet, EVERYTIME I get
together to play music, either alone or in a group, this is exactly
what I/we end up playing.  I record almost everything and will listen
back to get a feel for what went down, but I almost never listen back
again in a recreational mode.

So I spend my time making music that I don't really want to listen to
and yet is irresistible to me as a player.  I assume (perhaps
erroneously) that this is 'music' that would be very hard for a non
player to listen to and enjoy as well.  And yet, this is the music I
make at any given opportunity.

The potency of fully improvised music that has never happened before
and will never happen again is just too much for me to resist.
Whatever joys there might be in performing a 'known' piece just get
obliterated by the rush to make new sounds NOW.  I find it very
strange as I would like to be able to play a rehearsed composition or
song and I would like to share what music I make with an audience one
day as well, but everything seems to take me in the opposite

Anyone else experience anything similar?


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