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Re: Sonuus Guitar to Midi

Christo Jota wrote:
> About 10 days ago I got a Sonuus G2M - Guitar to midi converter 
> (monophonic).
> My impressions after checking it out are:
> The fast, accurate not tracking which is advertised in the manual is not
> possible. I mainly use it for soft snyth-sounds . Not for fast playing 
> notes.
> Just to give my guitar playing a smooth backing sound. Like a melotron 
> But even with that you have to concentrate a lot on playing very 
> Otherwise you hear wrong notes very soon

The Sonuus isn't the fastest tracking device around, but it's very 
and is exceptionally glitch resistant.

I'm afraid you just have to learn to damp the other 5 strings while
playing a note if you want it to behave.

You could always attach some sort of mechanical damping at the nut
to stop the open strings ringing in the same way that the guys
who do 2 handed tapping do.

> I also checked the pitch-bend advise from the manual, but it didnīt help:
> " to ensure that the midi sounds are correctly in tune
> with the guitar, you have to ensure the Midi patch is set to a pitch-bend
> range of + - 2 semitones."

"set the pitch bend range in your  *synth* to 2 semitones".

If you've been using those patches with another midi controller,
likely they'll be set to 12 semitones.

...and any note bend would be exaggerated by 6x

That's a drawback with the simplicity of the Sonuus, because pitch
bend is 2 semitones it means if you bend a note *just* past that limit 
you get a re-trigger.

ps.  Per, the Sonuus is *mono*