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RE: Music is the prime objective (was: anti-looper bigots)

Interesting perspectives Matthias.
I think it's like finding something - say a beautiful flower and taking someone to show it to, who will appreciate it. That would be the equivalent of performing a composition. Free improvisation is more like going for a walk with your friend and discovering something together. The risk there is that nothing is found but the prize is the mutual discovery and the possibility of a deep resonance within the discoverer and the witness. Canned and fresh  - I like the analogy :-)
This reminds me of my favourite poem by the 17 century Japanese poet Basho:

Breaking the silence of an ancient pond
A frog jumps into water
A deep resonance



> Music a such is the objective, like playing to the spirits?
> or the effect that the music has on the listeners?
> so is it about what they feel or what we feel when doing it?

> > and technique should be in the service of that. I've been involved
> > with the psy-trance scene for a couple of years now and nobody there
> > gives a damn about how the music is made or performed. They just
> > want the vibrations!
> would you say the vibrations are in the sound or in the playing?
> people come to se us doing it.
> one can cook pretty well out of cans... freshness is subtle
> once you know that the salad comes out of a friends garden, it tastes
> better
> > Use whatever it takes I say!
> ...but declare it on the package ;-)
> > And a big YAAH BOO to those who've forgotten that that is what it's
> > all about.
> hm... its not so much that I forget it but suddenly have doubts
> whether I every knew...
> >
> > peace love and enlightenment
> Thank you bro, you made me think!
> Matthias
> >
> > Gareth (blugaruda)
> >
> > >
> > > You got trashed because you didn't protect yourself. Next time,
> > smile
> > > and walk away. Let them keep their big truths to themselves. If
> > > someone opens his mouth and starts explaining to you what you do
> > right
> > > and what you ro wrong with your art, with your life, it is time to
> > go.
> > > Let him talk to himself. He will not mind, he will not be offended.
> > > These kind of people talk to themselves even when they appear to be
> > > talking to someone else. It is like TV shows.

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