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Re: home recording/macbook/fan noise/external monitors

"so the built-in jack for the external monitor is not sufficient for you?"

The problem is that if you use two external monitors apart from the screen on the macbook, the images on those two external monitors are mirrors of themselves.  This would be desirable for a classroom presentation, business meeting etc., but what I am looking for is the ability to have the two external monitors be a split screen which I can use to have, say, a video image up while I'm recording with Logic for a video project or film.  Doing that and being able to record quiet acoustic stuff is why I'm looking for two external monitors and having the computer in another room instead of just using the macbook screen and one external monitor.

I've ordered a splitter box from Matrox which supposedly should work according to their tech people.  I'll let you know.  If it doesn't, I might look at one of the new iMacs......

Thanks for all the posts,